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Once orders are successfuly placed, please email us at info@obera.com.sg for providing engraving information to us.

If you got any question, please called us at: +65 66945478 / 85109812 / 98980258
Thank you.

For SMS Champane Engraving you can choose Frame and Icon at left side, and write down the No. of Frame and Icon, the email US the text you want to engraving together with the No. of Frame & Icon you chose.

When email US pls indicate your contact detail (like your Name and Handphone number ), so that we can contact you to get more information.

If you think these options may confuse you, don't worry! Our designers can also provide you with a beautifully design.

Limitation of words for each 180 ° Engraving:

Scope of Engraving:
The 180 ° engraving sample:
The 360 ° engraving sample:
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